Tim H.
United Kingdom

I am writing to thank you so much for arranging medical diagnosis and treatment for my wife in Turkey.

We were both completely amazed at the speed and efficiency of the process which far exceeded anything I have experienced in a UK hospital.

We were met at the hospital reception by a dedicated international patient manager who was with us every step of the way and introduced us to our first consultation with a senior doctor without delay. After a 30 minute consultation and examination, the doctor recommended an x-ray and blood test. His nurse took a blood sample immediately and we were then guided straight to the x-ray department where we waited less than 5 minutes to be seen and have the xrays.

The results of the blood test were available in less than two hours (which gave us time to have a nice lunch in a local restaurant) and we then had a second consultation with the senior doctor. During that consultation the doctor diagnosed from the blood test results and xrays a condition that had been causing my wife pain for more than 10 years and had been missed by every doctor she had previously seen. He was also able to recommend a course of treatment that had an almost immediate effect in improving my wife’s condition.

In summary we felt we received truly five star treatment from excellent medical practitioners in a modern and well-equipped hospital and would thoroughly recommend this to others.

Thanks to you and your team for arranging this. The experience surpassed our best expectations.